Kootznoowoo Incorporated

"Fortress of the Bears"


Descendants: Where did my child’s 7(i) monies go from Sealaska? 

There is an incorrect assumption that Kootznoowoo is receiving 7(i) monies for “Sealaska’s Life Estate Stock.” The Sealaska Life Estate Stock is not used to calculate the 7(j) monies received from Sealaska. The amount received is based on the original shareholders of 629 or 62,900 original shares. Kootznoowoo does not receive any additional monies from Sealaska.

Jobs: Kootznoowoo management and the Board of Director’s remains committed to working with the Tribe on funding for projects that will produce jobs, i.e. road building on Admiralty Island in relation to Thayer Creek, as opportunities arise with partners, such as our Pack Creek Bear viewing company, we have talked with them about training shareholders. We are interested in shareholders signing up for this type of training.