Kootznoowoo, Inc. is a for-profit business organized in 1973 under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. The corporation is regulated according to state law by the Alaska Division of Banking and Securities. It is the ANCSA Corporation for the village of Angoon, a Tlingit community of great antiquity.

Originally incorporated with 629 shareholders, each owning 100 shares, today there are nearly 1,000 Kootznoowoo shareholders, although the number of shares (62,900) remains the same. Approximately 33% of the shareholders reside in Angoon, with significant numbers of shareholders residing in Juneau, Anchorage, Sitka and Seattle.

Shareholders of Kootznoowoo participate in four legally separate entities:

The Corporation

The Permanent Fund Settlement Trust manages a multi-million dollar fund of investments in stocks and bonds, the earnings of which provide regular distributions to Kootznoowoo shareholders.

The Kootznoowoo Cultural & Educational Foundation, shareholders and their immediate descendants are eligible for educational grants with funding (subject to availability) provided by Kootznoowoo, Inc., and individual contributors.

The Kootznoowoo Elders’ Settlement Trust is for shareholders who reach the age of 65. They are then eligible to receive a one-time distribution of $20 per share as a result of the establishment of the “Kootznoowoo Elders’ Settlement Trust”, approved by a vote of shareholders at the 1998 annual meeting.

In addition, approximately $15 million in assets reported on the financial statements, Kootznoowoo, Inc. also owns approximately 30,000 acres of land, for which a fair market value has not been determined.

Past Presidents:

  • Daniel Johnson Sr., President
  • Ivan Gamble, Sr., President
  • Dr. Walter Soboleff, President
  • Peter Jack, Sr., President
  • Frank Sharp, President
  • Dennis Starr, President
  • Karl Potts, CEO President
  • Robert Manning, CEO, President
  • Ritchie Campbell, CEO, President
  • Carlton Smith, CEO, President
  • Robert Hamilton, General Manager-President

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