Our History, Our Present, Our Future



 Exists to promote the enconomic benefit of its shareholders…..


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  1. Today is Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Greetings Kootznoowoo/Angoon and Staff. This is my second attempt to get this item posted. I am a Shareholder with Kootznoowoo and just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holiday’s and a Wonderful New Year. I am proud someone has updated our Website/Blog and hope everyone will find it useful. Just an FYI to everyone, at one time I had proposed to change the outlook of our website to the Staff and Board. They considered it at one time but as you can see, they have decided to go with this one. If you are curious as to what it looked like, you can still check it out at… http://www.sammazon.wordpress.com — I am just curious as to what you think of this option. This I did on my own and welcome any comments’ to sammazon@yahoo.com — Also, if you could check out my own website I’ve been working on, it’s at http://AlaskaNativeStore.webs.com — To comment on our History, Our Present, and Our Future, with the help of Angoon Business Center I think anyone could build their own Blog or Website. Let’s do it…

    Sam Mazon
    Owner, AlaskaNativeStore.com

  2. Geraldine Nelson says:

    Rhonda Guest is a shareholder and updated this great website. High praises to this upcoming, young, lady……

  3. Darlene says:

    hi, just wondering how much our June distribution is